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        THE ARTIST

        Hi, my name is Laëtitia and I am a lifestyle commercial photographer based out of Chicago, IL specialising in food, interiors, fashion and product work.

        I was born and raised in France. I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts – Studio Art with a focus in Photography from Florida Atlantic University, as well as a minor in Political Science. I travel worldwide for assignments.

        My education shaped me greatly as an artist and professional. Having been trained in visual communication helps me focus what’s at my disposal into a concise message about your brand. This is a visual world and what people see plays a huge role in whether you will get a client account or not. People have shorter attention spans than ever, limiting your time to make a strong first impression. That first impression is done through imagery, and that’s where I come in.

        Lifestyle Branding & Commercial Photography

        When it comes to branding work, my approach is to first find out about more about you and your company, then about your customers. These are the two key elements that will determine the kinds of images I will create for you. Who are you? Are you a small, local business or a large national chain? What will the images be used for? Who will see them? What message or idea are you trying to communicate through the photos? Who are your customers? What demographic do they fall into? What do they do for work? What do they do for fun? Are they college educated? Are they millenials? Young professionals? Middle-aged?

        Our initial consultation will revolve around answering these questions, and getting to know you and your target audience better. We will then brainstorm together to come up with a visual narrative. Next, we will talk about the types of usage and distribution you are looking for. Finally, I will put a proposal together. Logistics, time and usage rights requested will all factor in to the quote.